Title: Lic Cinema

Description: LIC Cinema binds the physical and digital worlds, the combination of the online personal profile, and daily social interactions and actions. Our userŐs experience is optimized through the use of their location and a cloud-based personal profile. The aggregation of profile information, likes, dislikes, acquaintances, etc. as well as the the userŐs historical record of time spent in the LIC Network 'HIP 9000' is able to analyse habits and form highly personalized suggestions ranging from simple activities and events to social pairing and modes of forming new physical relationships. The more in-depth the user defines his/her profile along with the more time spent within the network, the richer the experience becomes.
As its reach is not simply an online experience the LIC network itself is not limited to the region of the cinema site. Through partnering with the various local businesses the system is able to suggest programmatic themes that are not apart of the LIC Cinema itself. As the Neighborhood grows, so to does the variation. Data about the various users travels and happenings is used to inform the neighborhood stakeholders in an effort to better provide relative content and entertainment experiences.

Status: Dormant
Phase: Competition
Services: Conceptual Design